Tipperary mother behind move to get 15 hours a week jobs for carers


A Tipperary mother is behind Ireland's first initiative to help family carers find part time employment alongside their commitments to loved ones.

 The scheme started in July  and has been strongly welcomed by carers across the country

The 15 Hour Jobs Ireland initiative is specifically aimed at helping family carers find employment.

In Ireland, a "carer" is defined as someone looking after a person who needs support because of age, disability or illness (including mental illness).

 As a carer you cannot be engaged in employment, training or education courses outside the home for more than 15 hours a week.

“As a carer myself I am blessed to have found a 15 hour job that fits around my families needs” said Fiona O'Neill from Mullinahone,  founder of the 15 hour jobs initiative.

“While driving one day I heard the position for 15 hours advertised on our local radio station. I thought how we never hear of 15 hour positions. Usual part-time roles are 19 or 20 hours which exceeds a carers limit”.

Employment for a family carer is more than just about income.

 A poll was run in a private Facebook group with nearly 300 family carers asking what benefits a carer would get from finding a 15 hour per week job.

Although over 37% of participants said to increase family income, other benefits were highlighted such as; 25% said to develop a sense of accomplishment, over 18% said to meet new people and 6% said to learn new skills

15 Hour Jobs Ireland, has become recognised by carers as the Number 1 Facebook page to turn to for 15 hour per week posts.

A regular user of the page commented -  “Great idea, I've had to leave part time jobs I've loved because of the demand to do extra hours. It's hard as a carer to compromise when you have to be available to your child”

The initiative is asking business owners across Ireland who recruit staff throughout the year to consider 15 hour per week positions.

More 15 hour per week employment opportunities across Ireland will help carers & their families not just financially but emotionally, psychologically & socially. Hiring a carer on a 15 hour per week contract can really help a family in more ways than you think.

You can find 15 hour jobs Ireland on facebook at www.facebook.com/15hourjobsireland online at www.15hourjobsireland.ie or Twitter with @15hourjobsire

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