The Impact of Covid 19 on Women's Economic Mobility

I attended the launch of the Rethink Ireland & The National Women's Council of Ireland report on The Impact of Covid on Women's Economic Mobility. The themed hashtag was NOWOMANLEFTBEHIND - that must and needs to include Female Family Carers

60% of Family Carers are women! Imagine a normal day plus extra duties of managing feeding tubes and oxygen machines, drug administration, hours travelling to just name a few! Its time for economic equality.

90% of those taking on home schooling during Covid were female - Thousands of Family Carers in Ireland took on the role of home schooling along with being a medical carer for a sick parent, partner or child. Home schooling along with a Home hospital.

Women's resilience is mentioned 9 times throughout the report but being resilient for too long, leads to burn out & breakdown. Female Family Carers can't survive on resilience

Family Carers don't just have to face the lack of quality in the economy as a Family Carer but 300,000 of us Family Carers face lack of gender equality.

In the words of Senator Erin Mc Greehan:
- Be Relentless
- Be Confident to make change
- Do Not Let up
- Put the government under pressure
Have a read of the newly launched report here and tell us what you think: