Launch of new name: Jobs for Family Carers

Carer's Allowance is a payment to people in Ireland on low incomes who are looking after a person who needs support because of age, disability or illness (including mental illness).

The number of hours that a carer can work or study every week outside the home will increase from 15 hours to 18.5 hours from 6 January 2020.

With the hours change in Budget 2020, I'm using it as an opportunity to rename this brand across social media, website, etc. In our private Face Book Group 15 hour jobs Ireland & Carers allowance (which will also change it's name) a poll was carried out to help choose a name for the new brand. Over 130 family carers from across Ireland voted on a number of options and Jobs for Family Carers was selected.

So here it is: JOBS FOR FAMILY CARERS is now go!